Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Seeking Playground Reviews

As I noted earlier, I'd like to make this site a listing of high-quality playgrounds across the country, with reviews so that folks can find descriptions of great playgrounds, be they a 10-minute walk or 2-day roadtrip away.

My first two reviews, for example, are for playgrounds which aren't even in the same state as the one in which in we reside.  I'll get to playgrounds closer to home, eventually, but would like this site to be, if not comprehensive -- listings of tens of thousands of playgrounds would be unwieldy, frankly -- at least broad-based.

And that's where you come in.  I'll never be able to touch on more than a few dozen playgrounds (if that many), but I know I have friends and readers all across the country (even some internationally), and if each of them wrote just one or two reviews, this would become a very interesting (and useful) site for all involved.

I don't have the site set up, wiki-style, to allow you to enter your own reviews, so you'll need to e-mail them to me at playmapped AT gmail DOT com (I think you can figure out how to make that a real e-mail address).

What am I looking for in reviews?  Well, you can look at the other reviews to get a general sense, but I'm pretty open.  I just want reviews where the reader can get a good sense of the playground's highlights (and lowlights) for kids, along with any relevant info for the adults to help them evaluate how easy (or hard) the outing will be, logistically.  I would like, if possible, all the reviews to include the summary info found at the bottom of each review under "Details":  What [park/playground name], Where [address, along with Google/Mapquest map link], Parking: [Street/lot/pay/public transportation if any], Amenities [Anything else that would positively or negatively affect the overall experience], and Bottom Line [pretty self-explanatory, that one].  If you don't submit those, I'll probably write them myself based on the information in the rest of the review, but it'd be easier for me if you did it.

Pictures are great, but not required.  And I'm happy to provide a link back to whatever website you'd like to link to, along with any introduction you'd like to provide, if you'd like to do so.

Finally, and I swear this is as legalese as I'll get around here -- I reserve the right to edit or not publish a review for any reason (I can't imagine that this would be a problem, but just in case) and submission of a review constitutes your granting of a permanent non-exclusive copyright to me of your text and pictures.

So, I hope you'll help make this site a useful one for the millions of families across the country for whom play is important.

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  1. What a wonderful idea! I'll keep your site in mind on our next road trip - we live in Indiana and visit several Midwestern states throughout the year driving to see family. Not sure if I'll find anything blogworthy, but it will be fun trying!